Nestled in the heart of Legacy West in Plano, Texas, Haywire stands as a culinary gem, offering guests a unique dining experience that celebrates the rich flavors and traditions of Texas cuisine. With its rustic ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and warm hospitality, Haywire has become a beloved destination for locals and visitors alike. Visit this link for more information.

Rustic-Chic Ambiance

Upon entering Haywire, guests are greeted by an inviting atmosphere that seamlessly blends rustic charm with modern elegance. The restaurant’s interior features reclaimed wood accents, cozy leather furnishings, and industrial-inspired elements, creating a warm and welcoming environment that evokes the spirit of Texas hospitality. Whether dining in the main restaurant, the lively bar area, or the expansive patio overlooking Legacy West, guests are treated to an unforgettable dining experience. See here for information about Instrata at Legacy West: Luxury Living in Plano, Texas.

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Texas-Inspired Cuisine

At Haywire, the culinary team showcases the diverse flavors and ingredients of Texas cuisine through a menu that pays homage to the state’s rich culinary heritage. From wood-grilled steaks and fresh Gulf seafood to hearty comfort dishes and inventive small plates, each dish is thoughtfully crafted using locally sourced ingredients and bold flavors. Signature dishes such as the Texas Wagyu Ribeye and the Gulf Coast Shrimp and Grits highlight the restaurant’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Craft Cocktails and Fine Wines

Complementing its exceptional cuisine, Haywire offers an extensive selection of craft cocktails, fine wines, and artisanal spirits. Expertly crafted by the restaurant’s talented mixologists, the cocktail menu features innovative twists on classic favorites, as well as signature creations inspired by Texas flavors and ingredients. Additionally, the restaurant’s curated wine list showcases a diverse range of varietals from around the world, with a focus on highlighting small-batch producers and boutique wineries.

Warm Hospitality

Central to the Haywire experience is the restaurant’s commitment to warm and attentive hospitality. From the moment guests arrive, they are welcomed like family and treated to personalized service that ensures a memorable dining experience. Whether celebrating a special occasion, gathering with friends, or enjoying a casual meal, guests can expect nothing less than exceptional service and hospitality at Haywire.


With its rustic-chic ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and warm hospitality, Haywire has established itself as a culinary gem in Plano, Texas. Whether seeking a taste of Texas tradition or exploring innovative flavors, guests are invited to experience the best of Texas hospitality at Haywire.