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Why You Need a Color Consultation for Your Home Painting

One of the most challenging aspects of interior designing is deciding on the right colors for your house. You may have the ideal style in mind, but deciding on the colors that give life to it might be holding you back from completing your project. Collaborating with a color consultant can be the missing piece in figuring out your ideal home decor.

But how do you find the best color consultant for you? Top-tier professional painting services will do more than just wall painting. We can make your job easier by selecting the right colors for you, using color theory, and drawing from our years of experience on the subject.

Not convinced? We’ll explain just how valuable a color consultation can be for your home. But first, let’s get you started on color theory, the knowledge that informs color experts.

Compliment Your Home with the Right Color

Utilizing the expert advice from a professional painting company like Edwards Painting, you can engage with a color consultant who will assist you in developing a color palette that compliments your home. Consulting with a color specialist has various advantages, regardless of the sort of consultation you opt for. Here are some of the more significant perks:

Save Time

Many homeowners have undoubtedly spent hours examining paint colors for their walls and furniture. If you’ve been attempting to come up with color themes for your house but end up with nothing but lost time, then it’s time to find painting contractors who can help solve this puzzle.

Save Money

The cost associated with paint samples can add up. What’s even more frustrating is buying the wrong set of colors and still not getting tangible results regarding the color scheme for your house. While hiring painting contractors for their color expertise may seem like an unnecessary expense to some, you’ll save costs that you’d otherwise incur in a frustrating attempt to filter through seemingly incompatible colors for days, or even weeks on end.

Get Insights on New Trends

Most people won’t care or need to stay up to date with the current design and interior and exterior painting color trends. Although you may not care about having the trendiest colors on your walls, you need to know what today’s buyers prefer if you plan to resell your property in the near future.

A color expert can update you on the year’s top trends and which colors will make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.

Seeing Color Theory in Action

Color theory is a set of principles and standards designers employ to communicate with people through aesthetically pleasing color schemes. They use a color wheel and considerable accumulated insight about human vision, psychology, sociology, and more to choose the perfect colors for your house painting.

It’s often tricky to explain why specific color schemes are more appealing than others. To figure this out, color wheels come into the picture. The traditional wheel consists of 12 colors of the visible spectrum belonging to the three color groups:

  • Primary (red, yellow, blue)
  • Secondary (green, orange, purple)
  • Tertiary (yellow-orange, blue-purple, blue-green, etc.)

Drawing a line through the center of the wheel will divide it into warmer colors (oranges, reds, yellows) and cooler colors (purples, greens, blues). Warm colors are associated with vitality, liveliness, and movement, while cold colors are associated with quiet, tranquility, and calm.

Another key point on the color wheel is complementary colors which sit at opposite sides of the wheel. Blue complements orange, yellow—purple, and green—red.

When your house painter combines these colors, they affect the viewer’s mind more strongly than when they stand alone. This is not to say that you should paint one wall yellow and the other purple, however, this does give us a better understanding on how different colors will compliment or clash with each other.

One-Stop Shop for Excellent Color Consultation Service in Colleyville

Edwards Painting is a professional painting company that can help select the perfect color palette for your home. We have been in business for over 20 years, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality services. When a customer chooses to work with us, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to ensure that the project is done correctly, on-time, and within budget. Contact us today to schedule a color consultation for your home.