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Why Professional Painters Are Better Than a Handyman Painter

When you call on someone for help with any hands-on task, you will often choose between a handyman or a professional. Whether you are looking for a painter or someone to repair your plumbing, the choice is similar. Anyone can call themselves a home painter with a couple hundred dollars worth of ladders, brushes, and advertisements announcing their ability, however, this may not be the ideal choice.

Jobs that do not appear complex at a glance might have you opting for the often cheaper handyman painting service. If quality and professionalism is a priority, professional painters are the way to go. There are many reasons professional painting services are more expensive than handymen. Yet, these are the same reasons why professional painters are able to offer an all around better deal than handymen.

Why You Should Choose Professional Painting Contractors Over Handyman Painting

Here are the primary reasons why you should opt for the standard in place of cheaper alternatives like a handyman:


Experience is a priceless commodity, and it comes with years of exposure to a specific line of work. It will always cost more to get someone with not just ancillary knowledge but first-hand experience. While cost is surely an important decision factor for residential painting services, keep in mind that professionals can get jobs completed faster, with lower chances of error.

When you compare the possibilities of any mistakes or unforeseen delays that could have been avoided by choosing a pro, the choice of selecting a professional painting service like Edwards Painting becomes a lot clearer.


The quality of handyman painting projects depends on the credentials and reputation of that individual and their team. Although a good reputation is a great starting point, it can often be subjective.

Imagine realizing after the fact that your handyman’s reputation was undeserved. While credentials place you in a better position, they will not protect you if the project goes awry.

The only tangible guarantee of quality you have when seeking residential and commercial painting services is the backing of a professional company like Edwards Painting. Companies like Edwards Painting are proud to stand behind all of their work and are known for their scrupulous attention to detail.


Painting jobs may appear to be a simple task, however, it’s not uncommon for these simple jobs to be quite complex. There might be several circumstances that make the work far more challenging than you anticipate.

For one, the state of the walls impacts the processes necessary for project completion. Suppose the painting surface requires wall texture repair prior to painting. Not all handyman painters will have the necessary tools for a wall texture repair. For reasons like this, it’s best to go for professional painting contractors right from the start.

You may think you’re saving money with a handyman, but let’s say the job requires the removal of old wallpaper before coating a wall with new paint. To do this, your painter will need special equipment like a steamer. A handyman may not have the necessary equipment like this and require you to spend extra on buying or renting one.


Take into account your time constraints while selecting a painter. A skilled and experienced painting crew can complete in a few days what an inexperienced handyman would take over a week to do. Hiring a professional painter rather than trying to do the job yourself or hiring a handyman can end up saving you time and money in the long run.

Professionals like Edwards Painting have the experience and skills necessary to complete a painting project quickly and efficiently, using higher quality paint products that will last longer.

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It’s clear that the cheaper handyman services may not be worth the risk in most situations. Instead, we suggested that you contact Edwards Painting so we can provide a timely, high-quality, and overall affordable service. Edwards Painting offers some of the best professional painting services in the Colleyville, and Grapevine areas.

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