Power Washing

Blast Away Dirt and Debris

Sometimes a deep clean is all that you need

The Importance of Power Washing

Also called pressure washing, power washing involves using high-pressure water sprayers to get rid of loose paint, dirt, and other debris from outdoor surfaces.

Pressure washing entails more than merely using a machine to blast the dirt away. During the process, it’s possible to cause considerable damage if not done correctly, including surface deterioration, and can lead to a slew of other issues and expensive repairs.

These issues are easily mitigated when you employ the services of exterior house painting contractors like Edwards Painting. The following sections walk you through the mechanism behind power washing, its benefits, and how you can get the best services.

High Pressure Cleaning That's Safe

Water is excellent at washing because its molecules possess weak electrical polarity (negative and positive poles). This quality facilitates their sticking to objects and surfaces.

Soaps and detergents enhance this property, allowing water to clean even better. However, there are limits to the results this method offers.

A power washer is an excellent means of eliminating these limits. It blasts dirt away with a narrow, high-pressure hot or cold stream of water. Because the water moves quickly, it collides with the unclean surface with a lot of kinetic force, sweeping dust and dirt away. In addition, since it’s merely water, it won’t harm most sturdy exteriors.

The fundamental components of these machines include:
  • An engine
  • A high-pressure hose and pump
  • A cleaning attachment
  • A switch that resembles a gun trigger

Their volume is measured in gallons or liters/min, while pressure is in pounds/sq inch, pascals, or bar. Though both features are in-built, a painter can control the pressure with the unloader valve. Pressures can range from 700 to 30,000 psi and sometimes higher.

The Benefit of Power Washing Before Painting

Before painting a house, walls need to be cleaned and prepared to ensure the best coat possible. Power washing is an efficient cleaning method that thoroughly washes a house’s exterior. If you skip pressure washing before home painting, you may end up with residue or debris that prevents the paint from adhering correctly.

That said, it’s advised you hire professional house painters to spray off any loose dirt and moisten the whole wall area before the deep cleaning. Following this rinse, they can switch to a low-pressure tip, add detergent to the water, and continue in upward sweeping motions to get the grime out.

Is Pressure Washing Dangerous?

It’s important to understand that pressure washers are powerful machines. If you choose to go DIY rather than hire building painting contractors for the job, ensure you use protective gear. You also want to look out for living things like plants and pets that could get hurt if the high-powered water were to hit them.

When you don’t hire professional painting services to handle the machine and the process, it is not at all uncommon for pressure washers to destroy window screens and remove paint in unwanted areas.

Skip the Dangers of Power Washing by Calling Professional Painting Contractors

Edwards Painting is a licensed professional painting service that understands the ins and outs of power washing. We also offer color consulting that ensures that fresh coats of paint are aesthetically pleasing and compliment the rest of your home. Contact us today for all your quality house painting needs.